6 Ideas for Setting Up a More Productive Business Meeting

If you’re looking for an offsite San Diego conference venue to increase productivity levels, you’ve found your perfect match. Our central downtown facility is a sleek conference space that is ideal for your offsite event. We offer modern rooms expertly designated for meetings, corporate functions, and video conferencing. Here are 6 ideas to help make your next business meeting as productive as possible.

1) Stimulate Conversation

For a productive business meeting, make sure that you encourage conversation between attendees. To do this, create a list of thought-provoking questions. Try to make the majority of these questions open-ended. This way, the responses to your questions may spark further conversation. Additionally, don’t have one person speak for too long. To avoid this, set a speaking time limit before the meeting begins. Everyone will have the chance to voice their opinions, which will increase the productivity of your meeting.
Another great way to stimulate conversation is to draft an agenda before the meeting. But, make sure that you email it out to all your attendees beforehand! This way, people can come prepared to the meeting with any thoughts or questions that they may have. Also, an agenda will help keep your attendees focused. They will have a clear list of discussion topics in front of them.

2) Keep Your Business Meeting Small

Think about a classroom setting. In large lecture halls with hundreds of students, no one pays close attention to the presenter. But, in small, discussion-based classrooms with ten to twenty students, everyone must participate. Thus, smaller business meetings are almost certain to have stronger participation across all attendees. So, only invite people who are essential in meeting the conference goal. They can easily share what they learned at the meeting with their peers at a later date.

3) Try Something Unexpected For a More Productive Business Meeting

A great deal of experimentation goes into increasing productivity. So, don’t be afraid to try something new! At your next corporate meeting, consider inviting guest speakers. Even think about hosting a question and answer session! Or, split your attendees up into teams and have them compete in a business-related trivia game. Regardless of the type of event, your attendees will enjoy the chance to mix things up, and to get out of their seats.

4) Switch Up the Setting

Are you fatigued by in-office meetings that lack excitement and engagement? Consider hosting your next business meeting offsite! The best option is a space that specializes in corporate gatherings. Make sure your space is well-lit, free from distractions, and can accommodate all of your your technological needs. For example, conference centers like IQ Smart Center are perfect. They offer private, modern boardrooms with cutting-edge technology. As an added perk, your employees will love leaving the office for a few hours. This is especially true if you’re using a convenient downtown San Diego location like ours.

5) Set Clear Goals and Deadlines at Your Meeting

To increase productivity, consider establishing clear goals and deadlines at your next meeting. This way, the people attending will understand the purpose of your meeting. They will also understand the goals you’re trying to reach. With concrete goals, your attendees will know exactly what needs to be accomplished. During the meeting, the goals can be split into responsibilities and tasks, and assigned to specific attendees. Then, with the addition of deadlines, these goals will be met in a timely fashion.

6) Request Feedback

At the end of your business meeting, don’t forget to ask your attendees for feedback. This is a great opportunity for both the presenter and the attendees to learn what worked and what didn’t work as well. Afterwards, you can use the strategies that worked well in your future meetings. This will ultimately make your business meetings more productive. Learn more about the importance of receiving feedback here.