Located just on the edge of downtown San Diego (Kettner & W. Broadway), the iQ Smart Center is a state-of-the-art conference center located within the 655 West Broadway office building. The space comprises two modern and spacious conference rooms, Edison and Tesla, which can be rented separately or together for larger groups.


Our central downtown facility is a sleek conference space, with modern rooms designated for meetings, corporate functions, video conferencing, and leadership retreats. Unlike co-work spaces or large chain hotels, our San Diego conference rooms are quiet and private, resulting in highly productive conferences and client presentations.


Our two boardrooms are spacious and comfortable, with videoconferencing capabilities enabling you to involve off-site participants from other parts of California, as well as across the globe, for real-time collaboration. Easily cast your content from your device to get started!


iQ Smart Center is a one-stop shop for your meeting needs – A/V and setup are included, and one of downtown San Diego’s finest craft coffee shops is adjacent to the space for a quick caffeine fix! With these features and more, iQ Smart Center is the ideal downtown San Diego meeting space for your next conference or convention.


The modular layout of our meeting rooms makes the conference center adaptable for large and small teams, and suitable for almost any business occasion. Take a virtual tour using the link below!


If your team is attending a San Diego Convention Center event, our San Diego conference rooms will be your 'home base' away from the activities and commotion. At our facility, your team can regroup, decompress, grab a cup of gourmet coffee, and strategize. Because we are located near the airport, in addition to the Convention Center, our space is accommodating for those who have traveled from out of town, as well as San Diego residents.


Our two adjoining boardrooms can be booked individually, or combined, with flexible hourly packages available. All availability and conference room bookings can be accomplished on Peerspace, and you are welcome to contact us with any questions prior to finalizing. We look forward to welcoming your team to our downtown conference center.

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    This room was incredible for our one-day workshop and we would book it again! Our guests loved it.

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Our San Diego Meeting Space Difference

If you have ever hosted an offsite corporate meeting or event, you know there are a lot of details involved. At IQ Smart Center, we make your planning process extremely easy. First, we are centrally located in downtown San Diego. This makes our facility convenient for all participants. Second, we have top level technology that rivals or improves upon most office settings. Our advanced collaboration tools offer real time data sharing, quick presentation handoffs, and engaged group participation.

Third, we have practically everything you need onsite to host your large or small group or conference. Whether you are planning a convention, team meeting, board meeting, video shoot, or presentation, we have the meeting space to accommodate. We are honored to be the top San Diego meeting space of choice for leading companies and organizations.

Why Hold An Offsite Meeting?

There are many reasons why you would want to hold your meeting outside of your office. A typical San Diego office environment is busy. During a typical day, there will be internal deadlines, a stream of emails, and people vying for your attention. In this environment, it is difficult if not impossible to bring a team together for collaboration.

Without concentrated efforts, everyone works in a silo without awareness of how their work is impacting others. Even if you manage to book a meeting on the calendar, chances are, someone will get called away by an office distraction. Or, your team members will feel the need to deal with another issue waiting at their desk nearby. They will not be as attuned to the meeting as they should be.

Benefits Of An Offsite Meeting Space Location

An offsite meeting space in Downtown San Diego is a great alternative to an office meeting. With an offsite meeting location, you are able to bring your team into a new and different environment. It promotes lively discussion. It makes team members accountable for their presence and participation. An offsite meeting breaks the routine, and is a departure from the typical workday. With a well planned agenda, and a booking at the best San Diego meting space, you will be well positioned for a productive meeting.

At IQ SmartCenter, your co-workers, team members, and clients will also appreciate the change of scenery. They will notice that the meeting space is set up for super fast Internet streaming. They will be thrilled by the real-time collaboration tools. Because of this, what would have been a typical "day at the office" is now leading to new points of discussion. There is a free-flowing exchange of ideas. There is clarity, and there are new directions forward.

Booking Our San Diego Meeting Space

If you are looking for a meeting space, boardroom, or corporate event location, you have come to the right place. We offer flexible booking throughout the calendar year. This means you can make use of our conference facility as it benefits you most. If you have a full-day client presentation, we will be able to accommodate. If you are holding a multi-day corporate conference, we have options for this also.

Even if you have a video shoot or an international teleconference, we have the right technology and setup for your needs. The rooms are well equipped and show up clearly and professionally on camera. This results in high impact presentations, both live and recorded. Rest assured that our San Diego meeting space is unparalleled when it comes to flexibility and amenities.

Meeting Space Booking & Conference Room Budget

To make the booking process very simple, you can book our space online, in real time. This enables you to see pricing and availability for your exact event date. Of course, we are always happy to help, and to answer any questions. But you can take care of the entire event booking online, within minutes. As soon as you have reserved your corporate meeting space, you will have peace of mind that your event will be in good hands.

In term of budget, we are going to be your best option as well. Given the location and the caliber of our facility, renting with us is an incredible value. This is true especially when compared to other Downtown San Diego meeting space options. For example, large chain hotels may have minimums or extensive policies. These kinds of conditions may be prohibitive for smaller groups, or for special use cases.

By contrast, our meeting space is competitively and reasonably priced. We are well suited for most professional conference room budgets, with highly appealing rates. As well, we work with non-profits, organizations, user groups, and much more. You can book out space for the time you need, as opposed to multi-day minimum commitments. This woks extremely well for our clients. If you have a question about bow to best use your conference room budget at our facility, don't hesitate to ask.

About Our Downtown San Diego Location

IQ SmartCenter is centrally located for meeting attendees in all directions. For example, let's say you have participants arriving from South Bay, and also North County. If this is the case, our Downtown location will be a nice central meeting point for all. We are steps away from the trolley, making public transportation a quick and viable option for attendees. Also, we are near the San Diego International Airport, meaning that out of town clients and guests will be onsite in under 10 minutes.

As far as neighborhood, we are in one of the most desirable areas of downtown. It is both an epicenter of business and a fun place to be. For example, we are surrounded by the restaurants, boutique shops, and entertainment destinations that make the Gaslamp Quarter famous. This will be enticing to your conference attendees, local and visitors alike. Whether you want to bring in lunch from a nearby eatery, or hold an after-hours function, you know you will have many options. If you would like recommendations about making your San Diego conference more productive for your attendees, be sure to ask!

The majority of downtown San Diego is walkable from our conference rooms. Even the San Diego Convention Center is only a brisk walk away. So if you have other events occurring around Downtown San Diego, our conference rooms will be a great asset to you.

How To Best Use Our Conference Rooms

With our two boardrooms, the conference room space can  be configured in a number of different ways. For example, you may want to have a speaker or presenter up front, with rows of chairs. Or, you may want to position everyone in a circular or oval table, more like a traditional San Diego boardroom. Or, you may even want to keep the floor space clear and open. This will give participants a lot of room to talk and network. For the moments after your conference, the rooms are comfortable for networking and socializing.

Meetings have become much more sophisticated in recent years. Not every group meeting involves sitting around a table. This is why we have added so much smart technology to our boardrooms and conference room location. With our Oblong 600 and Oblong 300 Systems, your attendees will be collaborating in no time. Instead of one speaker the whole time, you can now hold highly engaging and interactive meetings.

For example, you can introduce live polling, with real time feedback from participants. Want to get the pulse of a room, or make a snap decision? Take a poll and show the results instantaneously! This is a big evolution from meetings of the past, where one speaker read aloud from a handout or PowerPoint. It is also the cure for humdrum meetings where everyone watches the clock. When you have live components to your meeting or conference, it keeps everyone alert and attentive. It actually makes conferences productive and enjoyable! This is what our technology enables you to do.

Come Visit Our Downtown Conference Room Location

Once you are at our meeting room facility, you will find new and innovative ways to make use of our conference rooms. Ultimately, it is up to you how to best use our conference room locations for your specific event. However, we are happy to provide advice and recommendations based on what has worked well in the past. With the insights of our professional onsite staff, your San Diego conference or meeting is sure to be a success.

Planning Your San Diego Corporate Meetings

When planning for your corporate meetings, it is a good idea to put them on the calendar as soon as possible. This is so you can reserve your preferred dates as early as possible. For example, let's say you would like to book one or both of our boardrooms. If so, it will be helpful to do so as soon as you have finalized your meeting date. If you wait until the last minute, we will still do our best to be a resource for you. We may even be able to squeeze you in!

However, you will likely find that nearby hotels and restaurants within downtown San Diego are booked out. This can make things hard if you are bringing in clients or team members from out of town. Whenever possible, do your best to plan ahead! You will be far more likely to get your preferred choice of dates. Not only at our facility, but in other aspects of your conference or meeting activities. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us regarding upcoming availability. We will check our calendar and online booking system to ensure your dates of choice are open and available.

Why Our Meeting Space Is Perfect for Professional Meeting Planners

If you are a professional meeting planner, or you host multiple meetings throughout the year, please talk to us. We'd love to know your full San Diego event schedule, and your needs for a meeting room location. We can talk together and strategize how to put your events on the regular rotation. For example, if you have a team meeting on the 1st of each month, we will know to reserve a boardroom for you. This way, you will know you always have a San Diego meeting room location waiting for you.

According to a recent study, 28% percent of corporate event planners said they now organize 6 to 10 offsite meetings every year. However, they are largely unsure about where to hold these meetings. This leads to a scramble or an exhaustive search. Please know that our location is always here for you, along with a stellar team. Once you have chosen IQ Smart Center as your dedicated resource, you won't need to go anywhere else. Also, there is artisan coffee and convenient food options right within our building. This means that attendees can stay committed to the task at hand without disruption.

Full-Scale San Diego Corporate Events

If you are preparing to host larger or more full-scale corporate events, we are able to help there also. For example, if you need a corporate event coordinator, please let us know. We will be glad to refer you to someone within our network. Also, if you are holding an after-party or evening function, you can stay right onsite. We have a San Diego corporate event venue right here in our building. It is ideal for any type of banquet or corporate function you could want to hold.

We look forward to welcoming you to our San Diego meeting space, and to hosting your next conference or business function!